Pakistan won’t be getting International Support on Kashmir issue


Islamabad: Since Independence, Kashmir has been the major issue between India and Pakistan. Pakistan won’t be getting the support of the International Community in the Kashmir issue. Not only that, the Security Council won’t be giving approval to conduct mass vote in Kashmir to Pakistan. U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan Hussain Hakkani said this in a statement. He said, “Kashmir is a sensitive issue to Pakistanis due to the failure of the leaders of the region. They have not informed the people of the area that Pakistan won’t be getting international support over the issue.”

He added that for many years, Pakistan has been asking for international support for solving the Kashmir issue through talks with India and conducting mass vote in the area but India has not agreed to the talks due to Pakistan sponsored terrorism across the border.

Hakkani said, “Most of Pakistan don’t know that that in 1957 the last appeal was passed in the United Nations Security council over the Kashmir issue. Even if the appeal comes up again, Pakistan won’t be getting support to conduct mass vote in the disputed region.”