Pakistan to drag India to UN alleging interference


Islamabad: Pakistan is planning to drag India to the United Nations for allegedly interfering into its affairs after a news report claimed that India has been helping the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) with funds and training to create unrest in Karachi.

Dr Maleeha Lodi, Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United Nations has arrived at Islamabad for consultations with the government for taking action against India in the UN over alleged interference into Pakistan’s matters.

India on the other hand has rejected the claims as baseless. MQM has also denied that it has received any funds from the India and its founder and Chief Altaf Hussain rejecting the claim that his party has any connection with RAW.

The Pakistan Government has launched a probe and has written to British Government for details about BBC report and copies of the statement of the two leaders of the party who reportedly told London Police about India’s funding.