Pakistan Tea Seller Uses Abhinandan’s Photo To Sell ‘Friendship’ Tea


Islamabad: Indian Air Force (IAF) Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman seems to have carved a niche for himself in the hearts of many people in Pakistan, who love to portray him as the harbinger of friendship.

A tea stall somewhere in the country has put up a banner with an image of Wing Commander Varthaman, sipping team, and the text on the banner in Urdu reads: “Aisi Chai Ki Dushman Ko Bhi Dost Banaye.”

The banner has been shared by a Twitterer named Omar Farooq. “Somewhere at a Pakistani tea stall, a banner with Abhinandan’s photo reads—‘Aisi chai ki dushman ko bhi dost banaye,” the user posted on his Twitter handle along with the photograph of the banner.

The image of Wing Commander Varthaman visibly shows him as calm, confident and determined. Twitteratis can’t stop praising the tea stall owner for his marketing skills.
Wing Commander Varthaman was chasing Pakistani jets with a MiG -21 Bison fighter plane in Jammu and Kashmir on February 27 and crossed over to Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) where his aircraft was shot down during the fierce dogfight.

He ejected safely and was taken into custody by the Pakistan Army when his parachute drifted and fell inside the PoK. He was released on March 1 after Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on February 28 announced to release him as “a peace gesture.”