Pakistan More Perturbed About Modi’s Reaction Than Cricket


Islamabad: Amid souring tension and fears of massive retaliation by Indian armed forces in the aftermath of Uri terror attacks, the Pakistani imagination is on Modi’s move rather than on the T20 match in Dubai.

Prime Minister’s Narendra Modi addressing the BJP Conclave in Kozhikode on Saturday, lashes out at Pakistan terming the country as ‘exporter of terrorism’.

As India sent a stern warning of reprisal and Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar’s warning of striking “point of our own choosing” has sent Pakistan into a tizzy, and Pak air force is carrying out F-16 sorties over the Islamabad sky.

 Pak PM Nawaz Sharif has brought forward the Kashmir issue in the UN. He had claimed that the Uri attack was a outcome of Indian Army’s atrocities and civil rights suppression. Pakistani diplomats and bureaucrats feel that Modi will issue a befitting reply.

Apprehensive of India’s retaliation against terror attacks originating from Pakistani soil, atmosphere in the neighbouring country is tense.