‘Pakistan Maut Ka Kuan, Even Men Not Safe’: India’s Uzma After Return


New Delhi: A young woman who said she was forced to marry a Pakistani man at gunpoint broke down as she met her little daughter in Delhi for the first time in weeks. Sushma Swaraj, caught up in the emotional homecoming, said, “It means everything to us that for a woman trapped in a foreign land, the Indian High Commission is a ray of hope.”
“We told her, even if we have to keep you in the Indian High Commission for one year or two years or three years, we will get you out of there,” the External Affairs Minister said.

Uzma had travelled to Pakistan earlier this month on vacation. Tahir Ali, whom she reportedly met in Malaysia and fell in love with, forced her into marrying him in Pakistan on May 3. She went to the Indian High Commission in the Pakistan capital and begged for help to return to India.

“She said if you decide to send me off, then give me poison because I don’t want to live like this,” Ms Swaraj shared. Uzma appealed to a court in Pakistan on May 12, alleging that she had Tahir Ali at gunpoint. In the days after their marriage, he had beaten and tortured her and taken away her travel papers, she told the court.

After the court allowed her deportation, Uzma was escorted by Pakistani security personnel till the Wagah border crossing this morning.

In Delhi, there were tears and smiles as Uzma took her daughter – who has thalassemia – into her arms and held her tight.”Pakistan is a death trap. Why women, not even men are safe there,” Uzma told reporter.