Pakistan Journalist Wins ‘Most Resilient Journalist Award’


Islamabad: Hamid Mir, a Pakistani journalist who was the first to interview Osama Bin Laden after 9/11, and who survived an assassination attempt in 2014, yesterday won the ‘Most Resilient Journalist Award’, conferred by the International Free Press in The Hague, “for showing extraordinary courage and perseverance in reporting.”

Mir is a senior journalist with Geo TV in Pakistan. He hosts a popular talk show Capital Talk at Geo News and also writes columns for Daily Jang, Pakistan’s leading Urdu daily.

In 2014, Mir survived an assassination attempt when unknown men – reportedly from the Pakistani Taliban – fired at his car when he was on his way to Geo’s Karachi office. He sustained multiple bullet wounds but survived. In addition to Bin Laden, Mir has interviewed Nelson Mandela, Tony Blair, Hillary Clinton and Yasser Arafat.
Mir said that this award is in recognition of the sacrifices by the people of Pakistan fighting war against terrorism.

“This award is not an acknowledgement of my courage but this is a reward for whole Pakistani nation and our journalist fraternity,” he said at the ceremony in The Hague yesterday.

The Pakistan journalist also said that according to a report 87% of people in the world are living without the truth and they need the support of journalist fraternity.

Mir was nominated alongside alongside Colombian investigative journalist Claudia Duque and war correspondent Mohamed al-Qadhi from Yemen.