Pakistan Floods Facebook With Terror Videos After Surgical Strike


Islamabad: Several social media accounts active from Pakistan and Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) have come under scanner of central security agencies after the Indian Army carried out surgical strikes in Pakistan.

According to officers, many accounts were found actively involved in expanding the terror network through radicalization, post the strike.

Security agencies have zeroed in on several such accounts, which have uploaded hate and terror training videos from PoK. In these clips, they have also described how a nuclear attack is to be carried out in Connaught Place in Delhi.

According to security agencies, such contents are being monitored round the clock and checks are being kept on those who are uploading such matter on the web and further accessing them.

“After Uri attack, we have come across many profiles that are being used to radicalise people in India. They are putting up old videos and motivating the youth to become part of their jihad. Such accounts are being monitored. All the IP addresses of those who are uploading such content and are watching them are being tracked,” said a senior officer to Mail Today.

Agencies have also found an account under the name of Salman Chaudhary, which is uploading objectionable content, including videos that talk of Pakistan launching a nuclear attack on India. Chaudhary’s account has been active since 2014 and his IP address has been found to be active from PoK area.

Cyber crime experts have also found a spurt in several videos and blogs, claiming India’s surgical strikes to be fake.

“Pakistan-sponsored attacks have been on the rise lately. There are many fake videos, which are being uploaded and circulated challenging the Indian Army’s surgical strikes in an attempt to discredit the force. But, all the links are from Pakistan and from other unverified sources. It is advisable to stay alert as rumourmongering is at its peak,” Kislay Chaudhary, cyber crime expert said.

WSimilarly, other experts claim that even the attack by hackers between the two countries have increased after the attack in Uri two weeks ago that left 20 soldiers dead.

“Our team has hacked several Pakistani websites to avenge the killing of our soldiers. We will avenge the attack on the virtual world. We have taken control of several establishments and awaiting command to launch attack, if need be,” said a blackhat hacker to Mail Today.

Experts believe that intelligence gathering process have increased as hackers are not only defacing the sites but and silently spying into critical network.

“This is an ongoing process but after every such incident, intelligence gathering process increases when hackers from both the countries try to snoop and gather as much details,” said Deep Shankar, a cyber crime expert.


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