As Pakistan Faces Boycott, Nepal Seeks New Venue For SAARC


Kathmandu: In further embarrassment for Pakistan, Nepal, which currently chairs the SAARC, has sought a new venue for the annual summit in November after a number of members have decided to boycott the meeting in Islamabad.

As chair of the SAARC (South Asian Association of Regional Cooperation), Nepal has asked for the forthcoming summit to be moved out of Pakistan in a bid to salvage the 19th summit. No summit is held even if one nation does not show up.

In a high-level meeting called by Nepal Prime Minister Prachanda in Kathmandu, it has been decided that an attempt will be made to reach out to other countries to ensure that the SAARC project can be salvaged.

Afghanistan, Bhutan and Bangladesh have backed India as the four nations have already announced that they will not participate in the SAARC summit in Islamabad on account of Pakistan’s role in fomenting terror in the region.

SAARC functions on the principle of consensus. If one country pulls out of the summit, then it gets cancelled. In the past as well, SAARC summits have been cancelled on account of tension between India and Pakistan.