Pakistan Detained Suspects In Pathankot Attack: NIA


Pathankot: Pakistan has detained some suspects and shared details of their investigations said the National Investigation Agency today after a meeting with the Pakistani five-member investigative team that has come to probe the attack site at Pathankot.

Sharad Kumar, the Chief of National Investigation Agency, confirmed this today but added no details can be shared at this stage. “Our discussion with Pakistan was on the basis of reciprocity. We have handed over evidence to Pakistan,” added Sanjeev Singh, a senior official of the agency.

India expects full cooperation from Pakistan, having allowed the Pakistani team access to all evidence and the attack site in Pathankot. And it was Pakistan’s turn to share information regarding its investigation today – a day after it visited the attack site at Pathankot.

Sources in Pakistan have told NDTV that it is not known if 47-year-old Azhar the mastermind of January’s terror attack at the air base is still in Pakistan. Pakistani officials had earlier said that he had skipped the country.

The evidence India has shared includes phone call intercepts and statements of witnesses — with the Pakistani team. The team, which includes a member of its Inter-Services Intelligence or ISI, has also been allowed access to air base — retracing the steps of the terrorists and visiting the area where the 80-hour gun-battle with them had taken place.

The NIA chief said tomorrow, the Pakistani team will record statement of witnesses in connection with attack, in which seven security personnel were killed in the 80-hour operation to flush out the six terrorists.

The team will also be given access to Punjab Police officer Salwinder Singh, who was allegedly abducted by the terrorists along with his jeweller friend and cook on January 1. The terrorists had used hijacked vehicle to reach the air base.

Pakistan has not contradicted the evidence India presented earlier this week regarding the way the terrorists had infiltrated into India and the group they belong to.