Pakistan Breeding of Terrorism: Army Chief


Chandigarh: Chief of Army Staff Dalbir Singh Suhag addressing the media on Wednesday on Pathankot Attack said that Pakistan still hosts terror camps across the border.  “There was no lack of coordination between various forces in Pathankot,” Gen Dalbir Singh said.

He added that jawans were unarmed and inside the building where terrorists were holed up. The Army had to ensure their safety before blowing up the building. “Reports that only two columns of the army were deployed were wrong as eight were deployed,” he said.

He also said that he had given three directions to commander; security of assets, containment of the contact and maintenance of a strong cordon. “It is easy to say a lot about the way the op was conducted but the commanders on the ground were given full independence to make the right decisions,” he said.

When asked about whether the decision to call in the NSG to handle the Pathankot operation was correct or not, he said, “NSG is the best force to deal with hostage situation, was a good decision.”

“I have asked all my Army commanders to review and ensure security of all military establishments after Pathankot attacks,” Gen Dalbir Singh added.
“Indian Army is ready to take any task. I don’t want to comment on Defence Minister statement about action against enemy. Presently we are dealing with proxy very well,” he said.

Gen Dalbir Singh also spoke about Pakistan and its role in Pathankot. “Medicines and arms make it clear that the terrorists have come from Pakistan. We have strong evidence about that,” he said.