Pakistan To Become The Next ISIS Hotbed


Islamabad: After Mosul, will Pakistan become the new base of dreaded terror outfit ISIS? According to a Zee Media report, Pakistan may give shelter to ISIS. But the condition is that ISIS terrorists should help Pakistani Army in carrying out terror attacks on Indian soil.

Moreover, according to a report in a foreign newspaper, 300 officers of Pakistan Army are giving training to ISIS terrorists in West Asia.

Also, over 2000 retired personnel of Pakistan Army are training ISIS terrorists in Doha, Amman and Ankara. Moreover, most of the lone-wolf attacks by ISIS had some Pakistani connection.

Earlier, US President Barack Obama had expressed confidence that Iraqi forces and their US-led allies would be able to drive out ISIS from its self-declared capital Mosul as tens of thousands of fighters advanced in an unprecedented offensive to liberate the city.

A 94,000-member coalition of Iraqi security forces, Kurdish Peshmerga allies and thousands of irregulars from various minorities are involved in the operation to free Mosul from more than two years of ISIS rule.

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