Pakistan Army, Sharif Govt Using Pashtun Women As Sex Slaves

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Islamabad: A Pashtun activist has exposed his country’s Army in a startling revelation. Umar Daud Khattak, an Afghanistan-based activist on Saturday alleged that the Nawaz Sharif government of Pakistan was using Pashtun women as sex slaves.

The Pashtun activist said that Pakistan Army has kidnapped hundreds of girls from Swat and Waziristan areas to use them as sex slaves in order to fund their terror camps.

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Khattak claimed that over five lakh people have fled their homes to escape the atrocities of Pakistani Army.

He further claimed to be preparing for armed struggle with Pakistan, saying, “We are forming a Pashtunistan liberation army, we will launch an armed struggle against Pakistan.

Seeking support from the international community Khattak said that Pakistan might use nuclear weapons against Pashtuns to keep them under check.