Pak Wants RAW Chief Probed For ‘Links’ With Jadhav


Islamabad: One of the senior Indian officials Islamabad wants probed and questioned for his links with Kulbhushan Jadhav, the alleged Indian spy on death row in Pakistan, is RAW chief Anil Kumar Dhasmana, according to Pakistan officials.

Without confirming if this indeed had been officially conveyed to the Indian side, government sources here said Jadhav’s trial, as well as his latest “confession”, wherein he named one Anil Kumar for sponsoring terrorist activities in Pakistan, was farcical, shambolic and could not be taken seriously. In another “confession” released earlier, Jadhav had named Anil Kumar Gupta as his handler and described him as being a joint secretary with RAW.

According to Pakistan, though, the name mentioned in the latest confession, which was put out along with the announcement that Jadhav had sought mercy from the Pakistan army chief, is Dhasmana’s.

Indian officials pointed to foreign minister Sushma Swaraj’s statement in Parliament from April in which she had said that, while seeking assistance from India for more evidence in the Jadhav case, Islamabad had made ridiculous allegations against senior Indian officials who were not connected with Jadhav. Thereafter, Swaraj had said, they linked providing consular access (to Jadhav) to “our acceptance of their position”.

“Nevertheless, in the hope that some forward movement could be made, our response was constructive. We pointed out that consular access to Shri Jadhav would be an essential prerequisite in order to verify the facts and understand the circumstances of his presence in Pakistan,” she had said.

However, with Pakistan insisting on investigating the alleged role of senior Indian officials, named in a confession Jadhav made under duress for all practical purposes, no forward movement has been possible. In a new video, Jadhav is shown as saying that Anil Kumar had been sponsoring sectarian violence across Sindh and Balochistan, and also “sponsoring assassinations across this same region so that instability or some kind of fear is set into the mindsets (sic) of the people of Pakistan.