Pak Wants Peace Talk With India, Says Nawaz Aide


Islamabad: Talking peace again a top aide of Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz sharif on Tuesday said that Pakistan is ready to hold talks with India to resolve all outstanding issues.

Interestingly the statement came months after a meeting between two national security advisors was called off after Pakistan insisted on meeting the Kashnmiri separatists.

Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Foreign Affairs Tariq Fatemi was addressing a seminar on Pakistan-India relations held in Karachi.

“It is a reality that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif desires cordial relations with India,” Fatemi said. Fatemi said that Sharif took the initiative to hold talks with India. He also asked civil society to push leaders in Pakistan and India for peaceful resolution of issues.

The two countries have not revived peace talks ever since a planned meeting between their national security advisers was cancelled in August after India made it clear that discussions on Kashmir and interacting with Kashmiri separatists was not acceptable.