Pak Using Trained Divers To Smuggle Drugs Into Punjab: Intel


Chandigarh: The narcotics dealers have been using Pakistan trained divers to cross over the International Border (IB) and smuggle drugs into the Indian Territory, sources in the Intelligence agency have said on Wednesday.

Smugglers have started employing divers to navigate a 35km area in Punjab’s Ferozpur, Gurdaspur and Amritsar sectors of the IB. BSF had recently introduced unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), laser walls and thermal imagers along with larger deployment of men along the border to squeeze out the drug supply, according to report published on TOI.

BSF, which guards a 553km (518 km land and 33 km riverine) stretch of the IB along Punjab, has seized 729 kg narcotics (mostly heroin) worth hundreds of crores in the past three years.

BSF currently guards a 553 kilometre which includes 518 kilometre of land and 33 kilometre of riverine. In last three years, BSF has seized 729 kilograms of heroin along the borders. This year, the BSF had seized 163 kilograms of heroin which is 79 kilograms lesser than last years.