Pak Teases Indian Fans With Cartoon Mockery


London: Indian cricket fans have been teasing the Pakistan cricket team and its fans on the basis of the ‘Mauka Mauka’ video ahead of every match between the arch-rivals since the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015.

সরফরাজ ‘বাপ’ আর কোহলি ‘বেটা’!

After Pakistan thrashed an off-colour India by 180 runs to lift the ICC Champions Trophy 2017 title at the jam-packed Kennington Oval, Pakistani cricketers have given their fans a chance to have a go at the Indians.

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Before the champion’s trophy final fans of both India and Pakistan cricket team were teasing and taunting each other with slogans like ‘mauka mauka’ and ‘baap kaun hai’. Even after the final, the mockery over social media went on.

Pakistan supporters are having their fun in teasing the Indian supporters with cartoon illustrations. On the occasion of father’s day, one illustration shows father Sarfaraz holding the champion’s trophy in one hand and little Virat on his shoulders enjoying the game.

Pakistan won the Champion’s trophy for the first time. Another cartoon shows that Sarfaraz’s jersey number one and virat’s jersey number is two. In the final’s Pakistan had the chance to prove ‘mauka’ and India had the chance to prove ‘Baap kaun hai’. After the defeat of India, Pakistani supporters declared themselves to be the ‘baap’.

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