Pak Syringes, Painkiller Found On Pathankot Attackers


Pathankot:  In the kits that the terrorists who attacked the Pathankot air base carried, were painkillers made in Lahore and syringes made in Karachi. Medicines, syringes and left-over food from ready-to-eat food packets were found in one of the buildings at the air base where the terrorists holed up as they engaged the Indian military in an intense gun battle before they were killed.

The terrorists also carried performance enhancing drugs, bandages, cotton, vials of perfume and dates.

It is now known that the six terrorists entered the base in two groups working to a plan. One group of two men was meant to attack planes and helicopters at the base and the other four were meant to divert the attention of the Indian security and keep them engaged.

The first pair of terrorists, investigators believe, had entered the base and hid there about 24 hours before the other group attacked it early on Saturday morning.

Indian intelligence has identified Maulana Masood Azhar, the chief of Pakistan-based terror outfit Jaish-e-Mohammad and three other people as the handlers of the six terrorists. Investigators are said to have found evidence that the attack was planned near Lahore, news agency Press Trust of India quoted top government sources as saying.

India has said it expects Pakistan to act on leads that it has provided on the Pathankot terror attack.

“At the very minimum we expect that terror handlers will be arrested and those behind the attack are tracked down,” a top security official told NDTV.

source: NDTV