Pak Rattled Over India’s Covert Op in Myanmar


Islamabad: Accustomed with a pacifist India, which always maintained a fair posture with immense tolerance over regular pin-pricks of terrorist act across the border, Pakistan was severely jolted after a transformed India under Narendra Modi government avenged Manipur ambush with amply vengeance killing more than 100 militants in Myanmar on Tuesday.

“India should not mistake Pakistan for Myanmar and our army is fully capable of responding to any adventurism,” Pakistan Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan said. There are several camps inside Pakistan which are used by terror groups for training, recruitment and launching attacks on India.

Pakistan Defence Minister Khawaja Asif said, “The government would defend the nation and that if India spoke about teaching Pakistan a lesson, then Pakistan was capable of teaching India a lesson as well.” “If India tried to do so, Pakistan would provide a befitting reply. Pakistan does not want to ruin regional peace,” he added.

 Rattled by the daring Indian hot pursuit, Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Shariff said that Indian army operation in Myanmar is regrettable as it is an utter violence of UN charter. As speculations rise about similar surgical strikes may be conducted across India-Pakistan border. Though in this context, Shariff did not mention about Pak army’s surgical operations across Pak-Afghan border to destroy the Taliban camps.