Pak NGO seek ban on ‘indecent’ Indian channels

A still from an Indian serial

Karachi: To stop the illegal transmission of Indian channels into Pakistan, An NGO has started a signature campaign to “pressurise” the Pakistan’s media system.

Hunch, the NGO, has launched the campaign to get signatures from concerned citizens though SMS or a help desk to pressurise the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) to take action against cable operators illegally showing Indian channels.

“Indian soap operas and films are against the ideology, national security and economic interest of Pakistan and causing great losses to Pakistani media as companies are more eager to invest money in Indian channels,” Ijaz ur Rehman from the NGO told the media.

Rehman said the Indian dramas and films were against public morality, and indecent. He demanded a complete ban by the Pakistani government on airing of Indian channels by cable operators. Although not legal but Indian entertainment and news channels are aired by some cable operators in Karachi.