Pak Navy a Lilliput Before Mighty Indian Fleet

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New Delhi: India has so far maintained a calm composure to repeated pin pricks across the Line of Control and terrorism sponsored by Pakistan, however terror acts like 26/11 Mumbai attack may trigger a fierce war between the nuclear armed neighbours.

Navy an important wing of the military is able to act decisively and tilt the balance of war. India with its mighty fleet which includes aircraft carriers, submarine and stealth warships has by far reduced he Pakistani navy to a mere Lilliput.

Pakistan is funding its navy with only about 10 per cent of the total defence budget, making even the day-to-day operations such as maintenance and repairs a challenge.

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On the other hand, its neighbouring country India is acquiring stealth warships, aircraft carriers, naval fighter jets and nuclear submarines to build up its naval fleet, it emerged during a media briefing about the maritime exercise Seaspark 2015, Dawn reported today. The exercise began in north Arabian Sea on Tuesday after a gap of three years.

“India has strong sea strength,” Deputy Chief of Naval Staff (Plans) Commodore Raja Rab Nawaz said. He also provided information about the number of warships acquired by both countries and the navy’s role in the scenario, which may be described as strategically defensive, although tactically offensive.

“Our strength as compared to India’s naval strength may be different when compared with various aspects. The ratios come out as something like one-third, one-sixth or one-tenth.” Deputy Chief of Naval Staff (Operations) Rear Admiral Kaleem Shaukat said. The conventional gaps show how behind we are in building our sea strength while India has realised the sea’s importance, Shaukat added.

However, in order to shorten these gaps, the Pakistan Navy, like the Pakistan Army and Pakistan Air Force, has a development plan. “We also ask the government for extra funding as per our requirements, which does come through. For instance, we approach them case to case for things such as fleet tankers, missile boats and submarines.” Shaukat added.

Source: Defence News