Pak Muslims ‘Considered Indian’ Allege Human Rights Violations By Islamabad


Islamabad: Members of a Pakistani Muslim community protested against Islamabad’s alleged human rights violations against their brethren outside the White House and their country’s embassy in Washington.

One worker from the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), who joined the protest said the Muhajirs were considered Indians.

Muhajirs are Muslim immigrants of multi-ethnic origin who migrated to Pakistan during partition.

He said many Muhajirs had lost their lives in Karachi, and complained of a lack of jobs and financial stability.

The protesters are seeking US President Donald Trump’s intervention. Muhajirs living in and around the Washington area have been meeting influential legislators and officials from the Trump Administration to inform them about the ground realities in Karachi, PTI reported.

An influential Republican Congresswoman has already said witnesses of human rights violations “can come in to (Congressional) hearings, go to different think- tanks,” the news agency said.