Pak Lie Exposed, Defence Expert Confirms Surgical Strike


New Delhi: A Pakistan defence expert has admitted that India indeed carried out surgical strikes in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir and killed at least five ‘Mujahideens’ in an operation that Islamabad denies.

Ayesha Siddiqa, former research director of Pakistan Navy, told ABP News the strike took place in Dudhniyal and the Indian special forces entered 200-300 meter across the Line of Control to conduct the ‘surgical strikes’

“According to the residents, there was a camp in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) in the range of 200 to 300 meter from the LoC. Around 5-6 ‘Mujahideens’ were killed and at least three Pakistani soldiers were injured in the operation conducted by the Indian Army,” Pakistan defence expert said.

Siddida, who is also a journalist, said that denial of surgical strikes by Islamabad is because Pakistan government and its army do not want escalations.

“The denial of Pakistan about the operation conducted by Indian army across the border can be understood by the fact that Pakistan government and its army do not want escalations. If they admit to  Indian Army’s surgical strikes in PoK, it will put pressure on Pakistan Army and its leadership to retaliate,” she said.

The admission by Pakistan’s defence expert came amid Pakistan’s staunch denial of India Army’s statement that its soldiers had crossed the LoC and destroyed seven launch pads or staging areas for terrorists and inflicted “significant casualties”.

“Another reason of Pakistan’s denial is that if the government agrees that there was a camp at the LoC, then they will have to tell their people what was the camp all about and who all were camping there?” she said.

“What both the governments are not telling their people is that how disastrous would this escalation be. If a nuclear war takes place, neither you nor us would be able to survive. It would wipe out all of us,” Siddiqa added.

Army conducted surgical strikes on seven terror launch pads along the LoC on the intervening night of September 28 and 29, inflicting “significant casualties” on terrorists preparing to infiltrate from PoK.

The next morning, the DGMO had given this information to the media in a press conference.

Pakistan, however, has been dismissing the claim as “fabrication of truth” and said India was creating “media hype” by re-branding cross-border fire as surgical strikes.

Pakistan even took a group of local and foreign journalists to some areas near the LoC to claim that the surgical strikes never happened.

Source: ABP News


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