Pak Journalist Threatens PM Modi, Says Indian Forces Are Intruding


Islamabad: SAMAA is Pakistan’s news channel which provides live transmission from five Pakistan cities: Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Quetta and Peshawar.

Reading more about them on their website, one would learn that they ‘believe in the philosophy of unbiased reporting in an ethical and responsible manner’.

The news channel has tons of shows, but what seems to be their prime-time journalism feat is a show called News Beat. SAMAA’s ‘flagship prime time program’ is aired every Friday – Sunday at 10.03 pm -11.00 pm.

The news channel has many anchors and one of them is Paras Khursheed. Paras Khursheed starts her show using a vivid set of words pointed against Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“Har baar aate ho, buri niyat laate ho. Har baar peeth dikhaate ho, dum dabaa kar bhaagte ho. Har baar maar khaate ho aur pehle se buri tarah khaate ho.”

The aforementioned “flagship” script means, ‘Every time you come, you come with bad intentions. You show your back and run scared. Every time you lose and every loss is more humiliating than the the previous one.’

Khursheed further tells how India’s drones, aircraft, and helicopters cross the border and how Pakistan forgives India for its cross-border intrusion. She then goes on to say that if Pakistan forces cross the border, there will be not be respectful. There will be no Hanuman, and there will be no Shaktiman, and how Lanka would be brought down.

Getting carried away, Khursheed also talks about how their land forces, including air and sea, are waiting for us to meet at the turn.

She further says how Pakistan does not want its schoolkids to read in their textbooks that ‘once there was country called India and once there was a Narendra Modi’.