Pak Infiltrator Gunned Down at Pathankot


Pathankot: One person suspected to be an infiltrator from Pakistan has been shot down at the Tash village in Pathankot. Two others managed to escape back to Pakistan. Three persons were attempting to infiltrate into India when the BSF spotted them.

There was heavy fog in the area and the infiltrators were attempting to take advantage of this and enter into India. While one person was shot dead, the other two escaped and made their way back into Pakistan.

There is still no clarity on who these infiltrators were barring the fact that they were from Pakistan. They were attempting to make an illegal entry and hence action had to be taken.

There has been heightened vigil along the Indo-Pak border after the Pathankot attack. The BSF had been criticised for failing to curb the infiltrations and also not acting enough against the drug mafia which thrives along this border.

The BSF has decided to step up its vigil and ensure that infiltrations come to a halt. The defence ministry too after the Pathankot attack had said that those who fail in their duties along the border must be made accountable.