Pak Detains 65 Fishermen Off Gujarat Coast


Ahmedabad: Escalating tension further, Pakistan on Saturday detained 12 Indian fishing boats and 65 fishermen off the Gujarat coast, officials of National Fishworkers Forum (NFF) said.

This is the biggest and the fourth major incident of apprehending Indian fishermen by Pakistan Maritime Security Agency (PMSA) since January this year. “PMSA personnel have apprehended around 65 fishermen and their 12 boats off Gujarat coast,” Secretary of NFF Manish Lodhari told PTI.

He said around 11 boats were from Porbandar and one was from Okha.

The NFF official said he got to know about the incident from the fishermen who were in contact with him through a wireless phone set.

“All those 65 fishermen are still in the middle of the Arabian sea and surrounded by the PMSA personnel when one of the sailors gave me this information,” Mr Lodhari said.

In April this year, PMSA had apprehended 47 fishermen along with their eight boats from Gujarat, while in March, the Pakistani security agency had captured 48 Indian fishermen and seized eight of their boats near Jakhau port off the Gujarat coast.

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