Pak Army ‘Exercising’ Near Border Adjoining Jaisalmer


Islamabad: Pakistan Army and Air Force have started its biggest core level joint war game exercise some 15-20 kms away from the international border adjoining Jaisalmer.

Movement of vehicles and other activities of Pakistan Army near the international border have been informed too. The exercise started on September 22 and will continue till October 30 which will be partaken by 15,000 army and 300 air force personnel.

Due to this, BSF has tightened its vigilance along the border. According to defence sources information, Pakistan Army’s artillery and armed forces have jointly started a huge war game exercise across the border opposite Jaisalmer. Pakistan Army officials have reached in the area to review the exercise.

According to sources, troops of 5 Core of Karachi, 2 Strike Core from Multan and 205 Brigade are participating in the exercise.

Information of forming new Morcha and defenses in deep areas has also come. As per the information, new equipment is being tested. Movement of Pakistani fighter aircraft has been noticed in that exercise along with the heavy movement of Tank Brigade heavy.

Sources said that the exercise filed is opposite to Kishangarh Bulj of Jaisalmer which falls in Rahimer Khan, Ghotaki, Shadi ka Baad, Meerpur, Mentholo area of Pakistan.

According to reliable defence sources information, Pakistan army’s artillery and Armd jointly has started a huge war game exercise across the border opposition Jaisalmer. Pakistan Army to increase its strength, its power and to motivate its soldiers in war exercise and to review its exercise, Pak army senior officer recently had reached the exercise area.

Sources said that Pak army’s troops of 5 core situated at Karachi and 2 strike core at Multan and 205 birgade are participating in this war exercise, apart from these, pak army Artillery and Armoured regiments are taking part in war game exercise.