Pak Accuses India Of Hatching Conspiracies Against CPEC


Karachi: Pakistan has accused India of using Afghanistan for hatching conspiracies against China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). Pakistan’s Minister for India and Planning, Ahsan Iqbal accused India of using different tactics and propaganda to derail the USD 50 billion CPEC economically.

“India is hatching conspiracies against CPEC but Pakistan will foil them with the support of the people,” he told journalists on Thursday after inaugurating an executive passport office in Quetta.

The minister also warned US and said that the country must stop threatening Pakistan and recognise their sacrifices in rendering war against terrorism. China had already offered to extend CPEC project to Afghanistan.

India is opposing the project strongly which traverses through the Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. China’s offer to extend CPEC to Afghanistan could test India’s diplomacy on a broader level.