Pair Were Caught Having Sex In A Restaurant Parking Lot


Washington: A man allegedly high on synthetic marijuana and his female companion were arrested in Washington State after police say the pair was caught having sex in full view of a restaurant in broad daylight.

The incident took place at 11.30am on April 30 in the parking lot of Central Teriyaki on Central Avenue North in Kent, according to a newly released police report.

রাশি অনুযায়ী দেখে নিন কোন পূজো আপনার ভাগ্য বদলে দেবে

Witnesses contacted the local police department claiming to have seen a man with his pants down and his genitals exposed engaging in sexual activities with a woman, who was described as being largely naked

The woman was said to have performed unspecified sex acts on her partner before the amorous duo proceeded to try other positions.

মহিলারা কি ধরণের পর্ন দেখতে বেশি ভালোবাসেন জানেন?

According to the report, cited by the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, the entire sordid tryst played out 10 feet from the sidewalk, with multiple cars and pedestrians passing by.

Patrons enjoying a Sunday brunch at the restaurant could see the shameless shenanigans in the parking lot through the windows.

Police officers who were summoned to the scene caught up with the female suspect, aged 36, who was riding on board a bus with an open beer in her hands.

At the time of her arrest, the woman, who has a history of run-ins with the law stemming from indecent exposure incidents, allegedly flashed an officer and pulled a dandelion flower from her vagina.

When she was transported to the Kent city jail, she reportedly stripped naked in her cell, unprompted. Her 37-year-old paramour was apprehended as he walked away from the scene of his romantic rendezvous.

He was allegedly found to be in possession of synthetic marijuana, known as PCP. Officers concluded that based on his animal-like noises and blank stare, the suspect was likely intoxicated.

The oversexed pair were both booked on charges of incident exposure, and the man was also charged with a drug offense. According to records, the female suspect in the case was convicted of indecent exposure in 2013.