Paint your home scientifically


Kolkata: If you are planning to shift to a new house then its obvious that you are thinking to decorate it in many ways. You are dreaming to make it a heaven and a peaceful place to live in. you should maintain some certain ways to make your new home modern and scientifically peaceful. Colour has an important role to make your home decorated in a proper way. You should know which colour will be appropriate for which room. Psychologists say colour can bring peace in your mind.

Red for bedroom

You can choose the colour of romanticism for your bedroom. Red is ideal for love making. So this colour will have a vibrant effect in your bed room. You can hang some black and white nostalgic good memories with your partner in a black frame on this red wall. This will make your bed room more attractive.Red-for-bedroom

Yellow for drawing room

Yellow is the best colour for the place where you want your guests to be seated. This is a colour of friendship which is the base of every relationship. You can have some red roses on a flower vase and some artificial greenery in this room.Yellow-for-drawing-room

Blue for kids

Your kids can have fun in a blue room. This colour helps to make depth in your kid’s mind and you can decorate it with various stars and moon and your kid’s favourite Disney character which will create an ambience of dreamland. This place will be attractive to your kids and they will love to be there.


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