Pahlaj Nihalini a ‘Tyrant’: Ashoke Pandit


Mumbai: The fissures in the censor board came to light with filmmaker Ashoke Pandit terming Pahlaj Nihalani a ‘tyrant’ and accused him of creating a law-less ‘anarchic’ environment.Another member of Censor board Chadraprakash Dwivedi voiced discontent over the way Board is functioning. Pandit took the matter seriously and took to Facebook to slam Nihalani, saying ‘Anushka Sharma’s NH10 was victim of his crass-functioning’.

The movie was postponed by a week due to the cuss words and violent gesture over certain scenes. Board objected over the release and didn’t give a node to release till ‘bad’ words were beeped or edited. Finally everything was sorted and the film hit the theatres on March 13. Pandit feels, Nihalani’s diktats are neither logical nor lawful. Ashoke Pandey said that Nihilani is acting like an ‘Archaic monarch’ treating CBFC and its office like his own fiefdom.

Director Vikramditya Motwane, co-producer of the movie, said he was disappointed at scenes being chopped off from the movie. “It is disappointing when your vision is curbed. Unfortunately, that is the scenario. The film is still great with the cuts. Nothing much has changed”.