Pak Jets Fly Over Siachen: Media


Islamabad: Jet fighters of Pakistan Air Force (PAF) made flights near Siachen Glacier on Wednesday morning, Pak media reported. According to PAF sources, all of its forward operating bases have been made fully operational.

সিয়াচেনের উপর দিয়ে উড়ে গেল পাক যুদ্ধবিমান

Mirage jets of PAF are part of exercises since the forward base was made operational. Chief of Air Staff Sohail Aman paid a visit to the forward airbase in Skardu on Wednesday. He was accompanied by top leadership of the Pakistan Air Force.

According to PAF, Aman met the pilots and technical staff of the fighting force. A fighter squadron carried out higher and lower altitude flights. Air Chief Sohail Aman himself flew a Mirage jet on the occasion as well.