Padmyashree Bipin Comes To Bagri Rescue


Kolkata: Padmyashree Bipin Ganatra can be found anywhere where any big incident
occurs. Even on Sunday, he was found aiding to the rescue work at the Bagri market
fire incident. He is helping the fire tending officials.

He was just 12-years-old when his elder brother died after burning alive due to a
spark from his bike’s oil tanker. That incident is still fresh in Bipin’s mind who
is now almost 60-years-old. He runs to help and rescue anyone who falls in trouble
so that the similar incident does not strike the person.

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Whenever he gets any news of a fire incident, he immediately runs to help. He has
been doing this for the last 40 years. He had rushed to Satyanarayan market
incident and the Nandaram market incident too. He has always teamed up with the
fire tending officials and members of the disaster management team. He also helped
during the fire incidents at Stephen Court and Hatibagan market. He was seen in the
Bagri market incident too on Sunday.

Bipin said, “I feel guilty if I cannot help in rescue work after any major
incident. Seeing the intensity of todays’ incident, I rushed to help.”

The fire tending department also welcomed the help. He has been given a respectable
position in the department. He has been given the department’s uniform too. He was
honoured with Padmyashree in 2017. Apart from this, he has won several Indian and
foreign awards.