Padmaavat Protests: Bihar Joins 4 States In Boycott


Patna: Bihar cinema owners association say no to screening Padmaavat, say reports. Padmaavat’ finally opens on Thursday amid heightened security owing to fears of widespread riots. Police are on high alert across several states after protesters pledged to disrupt the release of the movie, a Bollywood epic about a Hindu queen.

Violent protests escalated this week with hundreds of demonstrators rampaging through the streets of Ahmedabad. Acts of vandalism were reported from Delhi, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana on Wednesday.

UP government has issued an advisory for the safe screening of Padmaavat. The government has said that those protesting will be dealt with strongly, said reports.
“Freedom of Expression does not allow one to distort historical facts. Therefore, we should sit with those protesting and solve the issue. When things don’t happen with consensus, they lead to trouble”, VK Singh, Union Minister on Padmaavat row.

Congress chief Rahul Gandhi has hit out at the BJP which leads the government in Haryana, where anti-Padmaavat protesters yesterday attacked a bus carrying school children, alleging the party’s use of “hatred and violence” is setting the country on fire. The Congress president also condemned the violence against children by the mobs which have been protesting the release of the controversial film.

“There will never be a cause big enough to justify violence against children. Violence and hatred are the weapons of the weak. The BJP’s use of hatred and violence is setting our entire country on fire,” Gandhi tweeted