Pack Of People From Left Brigade Joins TMC In Bankura


Bankura: The district Trinamool has been strengthened as bulk of Left leaders of have joined TMC on Sunday. Huge people from one of the left party Forward Block have joined TMC. Arup Khan has welcomed them from to district TMC.

According to Trinamool source, Forward Block district president Manik Banerjee, members of State sponsored Kisasn Sbha Mandali, and youth-wing vice-president Biswajit Sinha, influential leaders of the locality Anaul Khan, Ganesh Mukherjee have joined the grassroots.

On the other hand, anti-Jangalmahal members of Panchayat and member of Panchayat Samity have also shifted to TMC. Local CPM leader Swaroop Sen along with many workers and supporters have holded the flag of Trinamool. People have started discussing the sudden shift is worrying the rising opposition of Bengal BJP. But CPM brigade didn’t comment on this.

CPM vice-president of Bankura, Manik Banerjee said to media after joining TMC that, Left Camp couldn’t do anything for farmers after came in power. There were nothing rather than hope. But Famers are experiencing good days in TMC era. This has inspired me to join Trinamool.

CPM leader Swarup Sen facing media said, “Development strategy of Mamata Banerjee has inspired me so i m here.” He just ignored the allegation of 50 lakh fraud against him. He just made the point less important by saying ‘Contra promotion’ against him. Another 20 to 22 peoples’ choice representative and independent candidate have also enlisted name in Trinamool camp.