Pack Your Bags To Exquisite Junput This Summer


The calm waters of Bay of Bengal, an unspoilt, solitary beach and the grove of casuarina trees make Junput an abode of peace. The museum of the Fishery Department with a grand collection of carcasses of rare species of fishes, different kinds of snakes; taxonomies of different wild animals, is also a place worth visiting.

The Temple of Kapalkundala and the lighthouse in Dariapur, the confluence point of two rivers Ganges and Rasulpur Rivers near Junput are added attractions. If time permits one can choose to visit Hijli, to the north of Junput and Dariapur, to the south of Junput.


The two ways of reaching Junput are as follows:
The first way is to reach Contai from Kolkata on a Digha bound train and from there the 9 km distance to Junput can be covered on a trekker.

Secondly by crossing the Vidyasagar Setu the distance of 145 km from Kolkata to Junput can be traveled by car.


Junput Resort
Junput Resort
CD-259, Salt Lake
Tel: 9932677258


Double-bedroom AC costs Rs. 800/-

Double-bedroom non-AC costs Rs. 400 to 500/-

Single bedroom non-AC costs Rs. 250/-

Four-bedroom costs Rs. 500 to 600/-

Dormitory with eight beds costs Rs. 125/- per bed and the rent of the whole dormitory is Rs. 1,000/-.