Oxygen Cylinders Brings More Pain For The Firefighters


Kolkata: It is true that oxygen cylinders are the medium of relief but on Sunday it has become the medium of illness for the firefighter who are restlessly trying to bring the Bagri market fire under control. The Bagri market can collapse at any moment.Several cracks has been observed in the building due to the blaze. The devastating fire has already caused cracks in the entire building. The fire officials feared that the it is very difficult for the building to hold it structure.Hence it can collapse at any moment.

But the firefighters are trying their level best to bring the fire under control. They are trying to cool the walls of the building with the help of water. So that the building do not collapse. But the biggest challenge is to reach the first floor of the Bagri market. Because there is a large amount of inflammable substances stored there. And the fire is taking a violent shape. Hence, the firefighters are in huge pressure to control the fire.

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Not only that, there were numerous drugstore in the first floor of the market. And there was a lot of drugs including oxygen cylinders. The fire fighters are unable to reach this place even after several tries. Because, the firefighters have become ill with the smell of chemicals.