Oxford opens the way for ‘keema’ and ‘papad’


Kolkata: Previously if you had gone to a restaurant and ask for a preperation of ‘finely chopped meat’ and ‘thin wafer’, the waiter might give you a run for your life not understanding what you really want.

But its not going to happen like that now. Keeping up with the ultra cool lifestyle and generation, the nomenclature of the household  ‘keema’ and ‘papad’ totally gets redifined. With the age, ‘keema’ and ‘papad’ makes its way to the latest edition of Oxford Dictionary as ‘finely chopped meat’ and ‘thin wafer’ respectively. To be directing hitting at the point, the ninth edition of the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, released on Monday, has included over 240 words from Indian English.

The ninth edition of the dictionary has over 900 new words.It could be well said that this ninth edition caters to the ‘online’ generation more than the bookish class. Words like troll, catfish, twitterati, tweetable, tweetheart, unfriend, selfie, etcetra have been included in the ninth edition.