‘Overactive’ Roopa May Face Flak from BJP


Kolkata: Actress turned politician Roopa Ganguly may face flak from her party due to her overactiveness. BJP leader Roopa Ganguly has recently took on the foot step of Mamata Banerjee and is whirlwinding to every epicenter of trouble, sometime without even informing the party brass.

From Alipur to Sattor incident Roopa in a bid to attain mass acceptance as a replacement to Mamata is shuffling the party discipline according to her agenda. Sources within BJP said that the overactiveness of Roopa has stirred discontent among a section of party top brass.

In a party meeting presided by BJP state president Rahul Sinha it has been decided to warn Roopa to abide by the party discipline. It is speculated that the rising popularity of the actress has earned her a few enemy within the party. A pan India leader of RSS has also reportedly warned BJP to put rein on Roopa.