Over 60 ISIS Terrorists Killed In Iraq


Baghdad: A total of 60 Takfiri terrorists have been killed during military operations across Iraq’s northern provinces of Nineveh and Kirkuk, security sources say.

Iraqi security forces affiliated with the Nineveh liberation operation killed 17 terrorists , including 5 bombers, who were trying to advance into the frontline of the battle in southern Mosul, Iraq’s al-Sumaria News reported on Sunday.

The army soldiers also destroyed a machine gun belonging to ISIL , killing four terrorists in a village in Nineveh.

Reports said 30 militants also died in airstrikes near the Nineveh’s Qayyarah oil field.

According to an unnamed Iraqi security source, similar air raids also killed nine Takfiris in the Hawijah district of Kirkuk Province.

The airborne assaults also destroyed several explosive-laden vehicles and a facility producing improvised explosive devices.

On Saturday, the Iraqi troops liberated two districts in the city of Hit in the western province of Anbar from the grip of terrorists.

Overall, more than 150 ISIL terrorists lost their lives in different areas across Iraq on Saturday.

Gruesome violence has plagued the northern and western parts of Iraq ever since ISIL launched an offensive in June 2014, and took control of swathes of the Iraqi territory.