Over 15,000 Americans On ISIS Kill Lists

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Washington: More than 15,000 Americans are on the Islamic State’s hit list, a frightening fact which the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has known for some time, yet somehow neglected to notify many of the relevant people to the potential dangers they might be facing.

To date, ISIS has published numerous hit lists- on encrypted web sites- naming thousands of people the terror group wants to see killed, as well as their home address and phone numbers. The jihadist group has instructed lone wolf terrorists, radicalized followers and members of sleeper cells in Texas, Florida, New York and California to distribute the lists and target these citizens for immediate death.

Making the situation even more shocking is that FBI officials have known the identities of ISIS’s targets for quite awhile, ever since the hit lists began frequently emerging earlier this year. Between March and May, ISIS hacking groups released no less than eight kill lists. Four days prior to the shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, a further 8,300 names wanted by the radical Islamic group were exposed.

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Though the bureau said they intended to notify all US citizens facing ISIS threats, and planned to work with local police departments to do so, all too many could-be victims were left in the dark, unaware of their perilous situation.