Ousted AAP Minister Kapil Mishra Releases Sting Against Kejriwal Govt


New Delhi: Rebel Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Kapil Mishra today released a sting operation and alleged that the Delhi government is involved in a CNG kit scam.

“There are 20 lakh CNG users in the national capital – from taxi services to school buses, autos and even the cars people drive. Delhi stands on a ticking time bomb and this is not possible without the hand of the Delhi government,” said Kapil Mishra.

Members of the Aam Aadmi Sena (AAS) took a leaking cylinder to four different compressed natural gas checking centres across the national capital and in all four centres they managed to get a pass certificate for the leaking cylinder. The cylinder failed the hydrostatic stretch test specially done for the compressed gas cylinders but they still got certificates to use the cylinder.

“We have brought up the matter with the LG. We are sure he will take the needful action,” said AAS president Prabhat Kumar.

“We have given the Delhi government four days. If nothing is done within the next four days then we will take to the streets with various transport unions,” said Mishra.