Oscar: The ‘Inside Story’


New York: ‘Curse’ can give you a fright, and if it’s ‘Oscar Curse’ then anyone might feel the freak. Researchers have debunked the myth of the ‘Oscar curse’- a belief in Hollywood and it is quite strong. It is said that winning the prestigious award can actually destroy an actor or actress’s career.

The curse or more of a myth is said to have originated with Luise Rainer, a popular film star who won two Oscars consecutively for ‘the best actress’ in the 1930s and couldn’t hold her ground after that. Rainer allegedly blamed the prestigious statue for the landslide decline.Oscar-2

Since then Rainer’s time, many other stars from Halle Berry and Catherine Zeta-Jones to Gwyneth Paltrow, Adrien Broody and cud Gooding Junior have witnessed their stardom after they took home the ‘Oscar’. However it may doom their personal lives and may even affect their professional lives too. But all rumors eventually meet their end. So did this myth too. “The real Oscar curse is not a professional curse, it’s a personal curse. Moving up and suddenly becoming a big shot increases the likelihood of getting a divorce,” Jensen Broaden confirmed.

Well, all left to see will Julianne Moore, the lady who claims the Oscar of 2015 can prove it to be false and eradicate the grapevine.