Original Names of Famous Football Clubs


A meeting to discuss the Independent on Sunday editorial line was once sidetracked while the then editor and deputy editor named the entire Wolverhampton Wanderers squad from 1976. This is a more interesting idea from Clive Carpenter…

1. St Luke’s
Wolverhampton Wanderers. After St Luke’s Church School in Blakenhall. Thanks to Patrick Kidd.

2. Small Heath Alliance
Birmingham City. Known simply as Birmingham between 1905 and 1943. Alex Massie prefers the original.

3. West Bromwich Strollers
Changed to Albion two years after its foundation in 1878. Walked in by Bob Francis.

4. St Domingo
Everton. “And technically Liverpool as well, since they didn’t split until after they were renamed,” says Karim Palant.

5. Newtown Heath Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway
Manchester United.

6. Thames Ironworks
West Ham United.

7. The Milan Cricket and Foot-Ball Club
AC Milan. Founded by British expatriates in 1899. Suggested by Steven Duckworth.

8. St Mark’s (West Gorton)
Founded in 1880. Became Ardwick Association Football Club in 1887, and Manchester City in 1894.

9. Dial Square
Renamed Royal Arsenal in 1886, then Woolwich Arsenal before the move to north London. From Dean Nicholas.

10. The Wednesday Cricket Club
Dropped the “Cricket” in the 1860s but didn’t add the “Sheffield” until 1929. Popular with David Tuck, Paul Frame and Kieran Cunningham.