Organs Of Brain Dead Man Donated


Jaipur: A brain dead man on Saturday gave a new lease of life to three ailing persons with his liver and kidneys transplanted to patients at a government hospital of Jaipur and heart to a patient in Delhi’s AIIMS.

This was the first liver transplant for a government hospital in the state which was successful, Health Minister Kalicharan Saraf said.

A 30-year-old man, who was admitted to the SMS Hospital, was declared brain dead by the doctors. After persuasion, his family members agreed to donate his organs.

Two kidneys and the liver were transplanted in the SMS Hospital on Saturday while the heart was transplanted to a patient at AIIMS in New Delhi.

“The liver transplant was a complicated procedure.It was successful and the next 48 hours are crucial. If everything goes well, the patient would be discharged from the hospital after two weeks,” Dr U S Agrawal, Principal of the SMS Medical College said.

Liver transplants have already taken place in a private hospital.