Organiser gets ‘nasty’ with Raveena in LA


Los Angeles: Raveena Tandon, the Bollywood diva said that one of the organisers of an event misbehaved with her in the US in an event on the occasion of Independence Day.  She said that she had to face the misbehaviour of one of the organisers. The star alleged in a tweet that the man was drunk and there was no security to step in and control him. The actor added that the man was one of the organisers of the event at Los Angeles and he was upset that his children didn't get to travel with her in the car. He started shouting nasty comments till she asked some people to control him.  

"In LA after two glorious days, of spending the Independence Day celebrations- sadly a bad ending. All was going well. Till a drunk got on stage. Some chap… started misbehaving, and padding comments, sadly all security was down and couldn't get to him first. (He) was one of the organisers and was upset that his kids didn't get to travel in my car with me to the event, which security and protocol didn't allow. Started making nasty remarks till I had to yell out to the others to get some other guys up… And that's when they took him away! But yes I did give him a piece of my mind too.. That's no way to talk to anyone- when I didn't even know what he was upset about…," she wrote in twitter