Organisation From Punjab To Build Majherhat Bridge


Kolkata: An organisation from Punjab has been given the responsibility to construct the Majherhat bridge. This organisation left behind 8 organisation and got the responsibility through global tendering.

On September 4 this year, the Majherhat bridge collapsed leading to the death of 3 people. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee accused the Metro authorities for being responsible for the disaster. However, the Metro authorities rejected the allegations. A committee was set-up to find out the reason for the collapse.

Soon after the collapse, the CM informed that a repair of the Mejherhat bridge was not possible and hence a new bridge will be set-up. The PWD department said that the construction will be completed within the next one year. The work for the global tendering began before the Pujas.

By participating in this global tendering, an organisation from Punjab got the responsibility. The bridge will be built at a cost of Rs. 160 crores. The PWD department has already given its nod to the structural design of the bridge as made by the Punjab organisation.