Oppositions to visit the Parui victim


Siuri: The opposition camp of the ruling party in the state government stands by the victim who was of taken to the outskirts of the town of Parui and alleged to have been tortured by the police. It is reported that the woman was forcibly taken to the woods at night by the policemen. Not only was she beaten up in an in human way, but also an itching herb was applied on her body by the police. The personnels of three local  police stations are at the suspecting line of the incident.

A group led by Adhir Chowdhury represting the congress and another team of BJP lead by Samik Bhattacharya are expected to visit the victim at the local Birbhum hospital on monday.

A team from the Bolpur, Ilambazar and Parui police stations visited the village on saturday in search of Sheikh Mithun. Not getting the accused, the policemen forcefully took his aunt Haifunnesa to the nearby forest and carried on the inhuman torture on her.