Oppositions To Join Hands Against TMC

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Kolkata: Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP) state chief Dilip Ghosh triggered more controversy on Monday when he proposed that BJP wanted to join hands with CPM-Congress in order to wipe out Trinamool Congress Party completely.

Dilip Ghosh, also an MLA from Kharagpur, after taking oath along with the other MLAs, said that all the oppositions must join hands together to fight against the TMC party. This was his reaction to the question asked by a journalist in a press meet after BJP’s oath-taking ceremony. The journalist asked that what would be their (BJP’s) stand in the Legislative Assembly.

Sujan Chakrabarty, CPM MLA from Jadavpur said that the oppositions can join hands in the Legislative Assembly. But prior to that, the BJP will have to clearly state their stand in the Sarada chit fund case.

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Abdul Mannan, Congress MLA from Hoogly’s Chapdani said that actions would be taken based on the conditions which would prevail at that moment.