Oppositions Plan To Collapse Panchayat Election Dismissed: Kalyan


Kolkata: West Bengal Panchayat Election has been postponed by Calcutta High Court On Friday. Justice Subrata Talukdar today verdicted that new schedule for election has to be fix with due negotiation of State Government. Trinamool MP and veteran lawyer Kalyan Banerjee took the decision of court positively saying, the plan for capsising the Panchayat election. But a why lies after his statement.

Kalyan Banerjee to media, All the oppositions wanted to collapse the election whole-heratedly. Secondly, they also wanted to replace the election commissioner. Court has dismissed both their plea. But court did not say anything on the deployment of para-military force in election. So he took the decision in favour of TMC.

বিরোধীদের ভোট বন্ধের দাবি খারিজ আদালতে: কল্যাণ

Political experts have described the incident, it is a massive push for Election Commission. The thirty five pages verdict of Calcutta High Court vividly described the dismissal of EC’s notice on 10th April. Previously, Commission informed court that it is impossible to organise Election on Ramzan month. but justice has refused the request. Soon a meeting of Election Commission and Government will take the attention of the country.

Parallely, a day for filing nomination will be announced within couple of days. In a nutshell the oppositions got prioritised in Calcutta High Court as the plea reached the peak after the chaos of nomination execution. BJP celebrating the verdict as a democratic victory.