‘Oppositions Hatching Conspiracies For Political Gains’

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Kolkata: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee lashed out at the opposition parties saying that BJP, CPM and the Congress parties are hatching conspiracy together to insult West Bengal.

The SC’s verdict on Friday came as a relief to the state government and the state election commission. The court has clearly stated that no voting will be done for those who won uncontested. As a result, no obstacle remains for the setting up of Panchayat boards with the winning candidates. On this Mamata said, “The oppositions are insulting West Bengal by lying for political gains. The verdict today has proved it.”

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Mamata said, “The court’s verdict is the verdict of the people.” She also said, “In several parts of Jangalmahal, the locals intellects did not allow the TMC candidates to contest. This things can happen in local election.”

The CM also said, “The oppositions could not field candidates in the 24% seats in district parishad. Why did they not perform well in the rest?”

On the online submission, Mamata said, “This is a good issue. The law is same for everyone.”

The Supreme Court said that another voting is not required in the uncontested win
in 34% or 20,959 seats. The state election commision will be able to declare the
names of the winning candidates. The is not law in the constitution over the
submission of nomination online or through e-mail. hence, the nominations filed
through online or by email will not be accepted.